Bring music, magic, dancing, and fun to the streets of Decatur! Decatur’s busking program encourages street performers and emerging artists to showcase their talents and contribute to a lively street culture in our community.

Just a few requirements…

  • A permit is required to participate. Good news: it’s free! Fill out an application and deliver it in person to Decatur Arts Alliance headquarters at 113 Clairemont Ave. (The Arts Alliance shares space with the Decatur Visitors Center, and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.) We will take your photo, so look sharp (unless that’s not your thing). We’ll take a new photo every year.
    – Permits are valid for one month, renewable on the first of each month
    – Permits issued after the first are valid for the remainder of that month
    – Permits are not transferable
  • Performers can collect tips, but cannot directly solicit for tips. Put out a jar or open your case and add a small sign if you like, but don’t ask people for payment.
  • If there’s another performer nearby, make your separation at least 20 feet.
  • And be a good neighbor! Please don’t stand too close to building entrances or crosswalks, avoid using amplifiers, and follow the city’s safety guidelines.

Download and print your free application: See you on the sidewalks!